Saturday, June 12, 2010

So. I did it. I actually created a blog.
Honestly, I'm very unsure about how this whole thing's gonna go over. I was told that I should start a blog because my Facebook status updates are arguably fairly amusing. But status updates and blog posts are two different things. When I post something on Facebook, all I have to do is think up a witty little phrase that's 420 characters or less, whereas blogs require me to keep my audience awake and drool-free for several paragraphs at least. Perhaps getting a Twitter would've been more fitting, but in my mind that would've been redundant as I already use Facebook for all my Twitter-like needs.
So here we are.

I figured a little overview of what to expect from this space would be an appropriate first post. My intentions, at this point, are to choose new topics for each post and explain them with a dash of quirk. Don't expect any "yeah, so, today I was tired and then I ate macaroni for dinner and then I tripped over my cat and broke my nose" sort of thing from me. I plan to write about stuff that isn't important in the grand scheme of things (hence my blog's title), but is interesting if you look at it properly. And then screw around with it a bit, because it's fun.
For example, have you ever wondered where cupcakes come from? Who invented them? Why? And what would cupcakes dream about if they were sentient?

So, in short, I'm hoping to learn some things while still being entertaining. I've always secretly-- somewhere deep down inside-- wanted to be an edutainment show. We'll see how this works out.

Thanks for reading, and till next time!


  1. Megan you are a natural and hilarious writer and you REALLY SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS YEARS AGO :)

    exhibit A: you have FISH IN THE SIDEBAR.

    -Yo pahtnah in bahstin :)

  2. Megan, I love you. Also, I want to be a guest columnist.